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4-part (Zoom meeting) series

Every moment in time and space has a story behind it – a series of influences and conditions that lead to and contribute to that moment. Mr. Jackson will help us make sense of this moment in history and in so doing help us to make efforts toward a better future.


We have a wonderful opportunity to be informed and inspired, educated and empowered and to work together on important issues affecting all of us in this moment.


July 23, 2020
Hidden Impact of Segregation

Residential segregation did not happen by accident – and it has many damaging ramifications for our communities’ and country’s well-being. This talk uncovers the little known political, economic, and social forces that created and maintain residential segregation locally and nationally. In a lecture that is both data-based and surprisingly engaging, Reggie Jackson illuminates the roles of federal and local governments, the real estate industry, and a de-industrializing economy in creating this situation. 


August 6, 2020
Urban Myths or Realities? MKE Matters for Suburbanites

Many people of good conscience who live in the suburbs, exurbs
and rural communities encircling WI’s largest city have questions
about what’s really going on in the city, whether and how this might affect them and their children now and into the future. We examine such questions as: What’s the deal with black-on-black
crime? Why do there seem to be more black youth in prison than in college? Are MPS schools failing, or it is that black kids and parents fail to properly value education? Is poverty moving into the

August 20, 2020

Unconscious Bias: Can We See Our Own Blind Spots?

Incorporating fun, interactive exercises, we explore how our brains serve as effective pattern-making machines that unconsciously “prime” us for stereotyping – whether we intend it or not. We examine how the concept of race developed throughout US history and how this history and human tendency towards bias helped create and maintain today’s systemic racial inequities. We explore together how bias affects daily life, and whether something this difficult to perceive can ever be changed.

September 3, 2020

Building Racial Understanding

How did we become so divided by race?

In this presentation, we take a close look at the forces that have created and maintained racial divisions throughout our nation’s history. We also present some common sense solutions that individuals and institutions can use to move us toward an equitable, diverse society in which all Americans can thrive.

Reggie Jackson has been a much soughtafter speaker and published writer for over a decade. Reggie specializes in sharing seldom-told stories and facts about the experiences of African-Americans and other peoples of color past and present. He is a Co-Founder and Lead Trainer/Consultant for Nurturing Diversity Partners, a consulting firm that fosters diversity, inclusion, and equity within institutions and communities. Reggie Jackson

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